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Former economic status: Miss fan works in an international trading company in Fuzhou, as a Marketing Manager. Length is 4 years for its recently to join a project, need 1 600,000 funding. Miss fan himself contacted a number of banks, but banks were made not to reply to so much money. Under a coincidence, through friends find us fast thawing credit finance loan service center.
successful nuclear loan status: Super thaw credit finance loan loan consultants communicate through learned, Miss finncannon company mainly engaged in international trade, each 6000 Yuan salary, itself owes a credit card debt of about 20,000 yuan, with House on hand. The property is mortgaged to the Bank, but we have paid the last of more than 90,000 yuan. According to this situation, we of consultant recommends Miss fan, first through credit loan help Miss fan from Bank loan have a pen payments, then again put mortgage paid off, last to the sets property do mortgage, on can got fan Miss need of funds by Miss fan agreed Hou, we first from Bank loan have credit loan 100,000 yuan, will its mortgage paid clear, again through housing mortgage loan, success of loan to 600,000 funds.


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