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Featured mortgage customers of banks to look for "intermediary" for consumer loans make money

near the end of the year, Bank's loan appraisal, mortgage interest rates, tightening are the themes, more Bank the amount of the mortgage has been exhausted, unable to lend. But loan agents through false contracts, consumer convert the amount of the mortgage, which is acquiesced in by banks. In this regard, after 360 view, mortgage and consumer loan interest rate gap between large, consumer loans are floating on a benchmark interest rate 20%-30%, mortgage on the benchmark interest rate discounts from mortgage bank loans into consumer credit, is itself a huge profit. Legalized through some intermediary banks, consumer mortgage loans, bypassing mortgage restrictions and countermeasures under the policy on this is reflected.

after 360 staff in investigating mortgage rates at the same time, many banks advise not lines, but you can apply for consumer credit, renovation loans, and so on. Some will direct intermediary advised us to ask for help. "Limiting credit" this wall, grey loans of these banks are also being over, through "consumer credit" approach into the property market, and disturb the control order. So, in this case, the regulator what to monitor? For these agencies, how to regulate?

at present, most banks offer consumer loan business, which is to provide consumer loans for the purchase of cars, study, home improvement and other durable consumer goods business. It is used by some institutions and individuals, make up a mortgage. ICBC counter staff said recently to consult people in this business are very much.
staff: pretty much, this month had more than 10 clients to ask the consumer lending. Now only the consumer loans can loan money.
, a staff member of the Bank of communications, told reporters that consumer loan processing is not complicated, only warrants require collateral or collateral, consumer contracts, and proof of income. According to consumer contracts and the ability to repay, consumers can easily get 100% the full loan and loan period of up to 10 years old.
staff: you need real estate as collateral, but also to consumer contracts, as well as proof of income, prove that you can afford.
consumers exactly how much to loan money? Reporters found that in issuing consumer loans when banks are full of vigour, from hundreds of thousands of, to 2 million or 3 million is possible. Such a large amount, not to mention the down payment, is the total purchase is more than enough.
Bank: furniture, in general we have 2 million or 3 million.
    consumption loans Description: consumer loans also known as consumer loans mainly refers to the study abroad loan, housing decoration, purchases of durable goods and buying cars and other aspects of personal loans from a wide point of view, consumer loans, including residential mortgages, non-housing loans and credit card loans. Uses a wide range of consumption, the loan amount is higher, longer loan terms and so on.



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