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Xiamen Bank "live" personal housing accumulation Fund loan details

personal housing accumulation Fund loan means I accept the Housing Fund Management Center in Xiamen entrusted to housing accumulation Fund for funding to this city, normally directed to pay workers Housing Fund issued for the purchase of owner-occupied housing in the administrative area of the city and special housing for the purchase of mortgage loans. Employee purchase of owner-occupied housing, including housing, housing, housing, affordable housing, affordable housing and implementation of the policy on overseas Chinese houses private rooms, free House and garage. Shortfalls may also apply for the combo of Provident Fund loans commercial mortgage loans. Currently only run this business in Xiamen.
product advantages:
enjoy Provident Fund loans lending rate.
1, aged 18 years old and above 60 years of age, with full civil capacity of People's Republic of China citizens, and the loan paid in full by month in a row in this city housing accumulation Fund for one year (or more).
2, have a stable source of income and ability to repay the loan principal and interest, have a good credit record and repayment will. Meet other requirements of Housing Fund Management Center in Xiamen.
3 12 months before when I apply for a loan, according to workers 60 times the total housing fund of deposit calculation, and employee loan ceiling of 300,000 yuan, working line of credit of 600,000 yuan. First mortgage amount up to the purchase price and appraised value of lower 70%, 90 square meters (inclusive) can lend a maximum of 80%, second mortgages the maximum amount for the purchase price and the appraised value less 50%.
4, as long as 25 years.
5, the housing common reserve fund loan benchmark interest rate first mortgage, second mortgage fund of 1.1 times benchmark lending rates.
for information:
real people (including spouses) ID card, residence booklet and marriage certificate, my debit card, proof, proof of income and assets, the sale and purchase contract, the assessment of housing (housing provided), proof of payment and Housing Fund account detail enquiry form basic information, sales people and opening of accounts at the Bank, and so on.



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