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Property tax reform programme has been reported in one or two cities to direct false

"the current property tax reform programme has been reported. Previously outgoing Hangzhou, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Qingdao four cities as a second batch of property tax pilot programs adjusted for pilot are not enthusiastic about these cities. "To China, according to people familiar with the real estate news reporters, pilot a new scheme may no longer directly in hot rolled out one or two cities.
two years, more long-term mechanism of regulation of real estate industry concerns and long-term mechanism will no doubt involving land, taxation, financial and other aspects. China real estate news reporter was informed only a few days ago, in the national development and Reform Commission, the Housing Department, Central Office of finance and other senior leaders at a closed-door investigation and the participation of several heads of SOEs, the new long-term mechanism of urbanization and real estate issues were discussed. Contents include: coexistence of deficit and surplus in the real estate market situation, the next part will move from industrial land to increase land supply for residential, such as expansion and a property tax. Has been reported to
property tax reform programme at the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of housing, the central financial Office of internal meeting behind closed doors, on real estate market conditions, shortages of the basic consensus is that the current real estate market and excess exist side by side. First-tier cities and part of the second-tier cities property market is in short supply, some three or four cities are in excess supply. Basis points is the main market of the real estate market in the future.
according to people familiar with the matter said, "Chongqing, Shanghai property tax pilot programs will not be used, has been reported to property tax reform in the new scheme, could be the first incremental levy, gradually spread to the stock. "Promote specific at this plenary session related to implementation of the program.
in the industry speculated that property taxes may be replaced in the future purchase, limit the loan after one of the long-acting mechanism in the policy. Multiple development enterprise in an interview with Xinhua, spread around the property tax is an inevitable trend, mainly concentrated in the cities and hot second-tier cities.
"property tax levy has been contentious. It is a kind of property taxes, can be stabilized tax source, adjust secondary distribution. Issue is when to introduce, in what form push and how much taxes. "Industry person who declined to be named, told reporters.
from the Crown in a dense stand, spread around the property tax can be seen imminent. On May 24, forwards the 2013 national development and Reform Commission of the State Council opinion on deepening economic reform priorities clear, to expand the scope of individual housing property tax reform. Subsequently, the national development and Reform Commission also said, the tax spread around this year with specific actions.
on November 5, in some real estate finance Forum, former Deputy Director of the State administration of taxation said Shanda, in the upscale consumer, can be determined by the local government tax, introduction of a consumption tax items. He suggested that the cancellation of property tax pilot, allowing local real estate sales increase a consumption tax taxable items, including primary, secondary markets, taxes, local governments make their own determination, revenue, and for different types of housing, you can apply different tax rates.
"property taxes not to restrain prices, incremental introduction of market impact will not be huge, but affect people's expectations. It also helps to curb speculative demand, funding out of the real estate holdings into other areas. "Industry person who declined to be named, told reporters.

       adjustment of industrial and residential land
from the proportion was informed by an insider, about land reform, this plenary session will not be institutional changes. "Rural collective land reform is not one of them. Plenary session will further clarify the nature of the collective nature of land, cultivated land and the household contract responsibility system ' three unchanged ', based on development scale circulation, etc. "" In General, the land reform will reiterate the contents 17 session, and on this basis, further, explicitly progressive reform. "The long-term Director of the political economy Research Center of Tsinghua University concerned with land issues Cai Jiming said.
on the current system is not changing, 1.8 billion mu of arable land protection red lines under the framework, in order to increase the supply of residential land, the land where it came from? In an interview, one person close to the decision said, "will adjust the proportion of industrial and residential land, out of the industrial land for residential use. "
China's existing land-use spatial structure is unreasonable, scattered industrial land, an area of many problems is particularly prominent. China industrial land close to 50,000 square kilometers, while Japan only 1600 square kilometers of industrial land. Industrial land covers an area of our country for a long time in many industrial complexes, resulting in particular related to the low price of industrial land, industrial land prices much lower than residential, commercial and service sectors, statistics show that currently only prices of residential land 14.4%.
"next step probably will be to identify zoned as industrial land to residential use, scale back industrial land and increase the supply of residential land. "These people close to the decision-making told reporters. Nationally, industrial and residential land at 1:1.4, while France 1:5 of industrial and residential land; Japan is 1:6.
Cai Jiming, balance in the supply structure of China's industrial and residential land is a stage history, was formed during the rapid industrialization of the problem. "Local Governments stressed that investment in the past, with cheap land as a bargaining chip. But in middle and late industrialization, particularly in the new towns in the process of, peasants, urban population, you need more housing land supply, develop the tertiary industry, and more. Proportion adjustment of industrial and residential land and time. "Cai Jiming said.
"on the structure of land use, we still have a lot of space. In addition to scales industrial land, a rural town Homestead replacement staff can also save a lot of land. "Cai Jiming pointed out, the question now is, although the rural population decline, rural construction land expansion. The main reason causing the problem, under the existing land system and the financial system on the one hand, local governments are keen to land expropriation, and migrant workers because of household registration and other issues cannot be settled in the city to buy a House, causing short-term work in cities and camps, made some money back to the rural home extension housing, rural houses built more and more. Urban expansion coupled with the farmers to settle in the expansion of the cities, thus causing crowding problem at both ends. "In fact, the rural construction land linked to the urban and rural construction land change and there is a large space, can save more land. "Cai Jiming said.





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