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Minsheng Bank pushed business wealth helps small enterprises for the new year card turnover

Recently, the Guangzhou Branch of the China Minsheng Bank launched the "good business. God card", the main features of the card are: from, sent, and more, such as the fee-free, and according to your water to provide loans, and providing a variety of free services as follows:
, "" free ", that is, clearing all free. Card customers can implement counters for transfer, open information such as Instant Messenger, and trading card password loss free; opened online banking, online banking and other online interbank transfers and clearing business for free; ATM bank withdrawals, transfers and City Bank free of charge; mobile banking queries, transfer free professional market cash register receipts, foreign remittance for free free. All free no amount restrictions.
II, "send", which sent water loan. Embodied in two main areas: 1, according to the merchant's credit and, as the bank deposits of water initiative to grant credit, credit lines of up to 1.2 million; 2, combined with clearing product for merchants to save interest, reduce the cost of financing.
III, "many", namely multi-directional. Card customers get multiple feedback, such as agent companies examined, providing professional training.


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